We love the little P range that we have created and hope you do too.

However, as our rugs are made by hand we have the flexibility to customise any of our designs to ensure that you get the perfect little P rug for your space.

This allows for personalisation of any of the rugs in the range, whether that be a change in size, colour or materials.  Just imagine an extra large grey cloud in pure silk... Dreamy!



Alternatively, if you are looking for something totally unique, then we would love to help. 
little P's big brother is The Palmer Studio, which is a bespoke rug company.  

The Palmer Studio has extensive experience in creating wonderful hand-made rugs for beautiful interiors and can work closely with you or your designer to create a special piece for your child's space (and for your grown-up spaces as well).  

The Palmer Studios design process varies depending on the demands of each individual project, but their belief is that the process and collaboration should be as exciting and fun as the end result.

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