The Palmer Studio and little P brand were created by Philippa Briscombe.  Philippa has a background working in fashion, interiors & textile design, but it is as a mother of four children that she is most qualified when it comes to understanding design and quality for the kids market. Originally based in Australia, Philippa & her family now live in Hong Kong where business continues to grow.

Philippa’s experience in textiles began in the 1990’s in Kashmir, India, learning about the traditional art of rug weaving . Her design aesthetic has been influenced by much overseas travel including time spent living in Tokyo and London.  This has also given Philippa a strong sense of adaptability with her design work and style.

little P is focussed on producing quality products rather than on fast fashion for the home.  All rugs are produced in mills involved in Care & Fair initiatives, thus ensuring that the communities where our rugs are made receive medical, educational and other assistance.  

The Palmer Studio was established to focus on producing high quality rugs and carpets that can outlast design trends.  The Palmer Studio doesn’t mass produce and all of the products are designed and made by hand.  This ensures originality of design and attention to detail and quality.

The studio likes to create conceptually to produce something that is interesting and visually stunning.  When working with customers, their belief is that the process and collaboration should be as exciting and fun as the end result.

Whether you are purchasing a little P rug or commissioning a Palmer Bespoke rug, the goal is to create beautiful products for your home.

 The Palmer Studio is a link to the creative hub in Sydney, Australia, where little P and The Palmer Studio were 'born'.  Philippa loved that her first design studio (an old Presbyterian manse) was used for many years as a studio by Margaret Grafton, a tapestry artist who used experimental design and technique.  So controversial was Grafton's silver tapestry that it was ordered to be removed from the Supreme Court Building after being hung for just four days by Sir Laurence Street.  She then didn't work with metallics for years.

Grafton has been called one of the most significant figures in the history of contemporary crafts in Australia.

It is an honour to be be connected via this creative space. 
Philippa too loves to use a bit of silver sparkle in some of her rugs!